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“7 Ways To Small Business Team Spirit” 


Looking for Harmony

“So what’s going to be easier for you in your business? To have a team that quarrels. Or, to have a team working in perfect harmony so you can count on them when you need them the most. I think you know the answer already.

Most people want a Swiss clock when you talk of teams. But I’m really interested in what you think.

As a profitability coach in Houston, I help evaluate employee profiles. And then help them see others through a new lens. This boosts team performance. Is this on your mind today?

Let’s look at 7 ways to build team spirit in your business.

1) Evaluate employee profiles

Most small businesses say employees are their most important asset. Most small businesses already know they need to motivate them to keep them productive. And everybody agrees it starts with better communication.

If you use Myer-Briggs or DISC or Winslow, you can evaluate personality profiles. You can then see how employees behave under different conditions. It also helps people understand others. Using their profile, they can adjust their talking style to match someone else’s style. 

This brings harmony. Harmony in the workplace brings productivity. And as you may already know, productivity brings results.

2) Announce a team-building workshop

You know that people act differently when they’re outside the company. They tear down their masks. They turn friendlier. 

Once you announce a team-building workshop, it shows you invest in people. It will give you a chance for getting people to understand each other. And they could do it in and informal setting. 

That can bring down walls, which usually blocks progress.

3) Show the adapted styles

Using one of the profiling methods, you could show people how they can change their language. And work better with others. 

People will learn to adapt. You know that one could use the adapted style to match other styles. If they learn to do it temporarily, it forms a bridge with people they previously couldn’t work with. 

Once communication ends, they will return to their personal style. Repeating this method really works. People advance. Business results improve.

4) Practice role-play

Build color codes for various personalities. It will give you a chance to conduct role-play. For example, you could have a “red” personality talk to a “blue” personality using the language that matches them. 

And you will see how fluency improves. People begin to discover why it’s important to change their style.

5) Build new lexicon

Every style will have its own language. Building a conversation library for each person will give you a chance to use it in a different setting. That’s exactly what we do. Crafting this language in the workshop will help you bring lasting change in your business.

6) Reward the event organizers

Once the workshop ends, reward those who played a role in organizing the event. Recognize them. After all, they worked hard to make it happen, didn’t they? 

Give out gifts and certificates so you honor them for their work. You know that such recognition will build continuity for future work. 

7) Set dates for re-evaluation

Follow up with new dates for doing it over. It will help you measure progress. When people gather once more, they will prepare better. And such rituals will build a sustainable culture for your business.

These 7 steps will help you build your small business team spirit. 

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Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. Want even faster results? Are you ready to discover how? Call 281.410.5375 and speak to your Profitability Coach Houston

“7 Ways To Cash Flow While Keeping Your Customers” 


Small Business Oxygen

“Do you think your business would have been better if you saved a fraction of your cash flow from the start?”

You’d say yes, wouldn’t you? It’s really as simple as that.

As a profitability coach in Houston, that’s exactly how I help business owners. I help them improve their cash flow from areas they didn’t think about.

People care more about answers than questions. As a Houston business coach, I’d like to focus on better questions.

Today, I want to talk to you about 7 ways to boost your cash flow.

1) Create liquidity reports

Most small businesses use some form of bookkeeping. Yet, it surprised me to see some didn’t even have a tool to store their transactions. That makes it harder to sell the business when the time comes. 

If you use QuickBooks online, it will let you compare how you did last year against this year. You can then see your liquidity ratios–current, quick and debt. These tell the story when you compare it to your industry. It tells you how you repaid debt and how you increase cash. Note that having better cash flow is not the same as having better profit.

2) Extend accounts payable

Businesses buy raw materials as soon as they sell goods. Then it takes time to add value to these goods before shipping them to the customer. This lag is known as Work-in-Progress or WIP. 

Easiest way to ease cash crunch in business is to pay sellers in 45 or 60 days. 

3) Shorten accounts receivable

Conversely, shorten the receivable days to about 20. Your customers will now pay you sooner. This will increase cash in your business.

4) Shorten inventory days

Keeping inventory on the shelf takes up cash. So buy inventory just in time to build goods. That way they have the shortest shelf stay.

5) Renegotiate longer terms

Negotiate terms first with non-critical sellers. Because some goods don’t sell as much, it might be better to work with such sellers for these items. Stretch the terms. Keep alternatives on multiple sellers.

6) De-select customers

Review the list of best customers. For the remaining ones, set up shorter payment terms. It will give you an idea if they’ll stay despite your new agreement. If they don’t, let them go. You now have a sharper list of top customers you’d like to do business with. It forms a better strategy going forward.

7) Outsource collection

If you can’t give bonuses to your accounts receivable team, then by all means use a collection agency. The investment will soon pay off in more cash for your business.

These 7 steps will help you boost your cash flow quickly. 

Want even faster results? Are you ready to discover how? Call 281.410.5375 to grow your small business.

Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. Want even faster results? Are you ready to discover how? Call 281.410.5375 and speak to your Profitability Coach Houston

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