“Erasing Overwhelm From Economy” In-person Strategic Session For The Houston Business Owner 


Business Coaching To Inspire The Business Owner

Get your free 85 min. “Erasing Overwhelm From Economy1-on-1 Coaching Session.

In this powerful session from the business coach you’ll leave with:

  • Clear, in-depth vision for the potential of your business in the areas of time, team and money
  • A new awareness of how to apply “ Silver Bullets” to solve many of the challenges in your business right now (you find they aren't what you imagined!)
  • A revitalized energy and motivation to ramp your business to the next level
  • A "next-step" action plan for moving your business into the next phase of profit, growth and freedom!
  • A quick review of “eye-opening” templates and tools to solve your specific business challenges
  • An evaluated score card for your business
  • A FREE finance report showing your profitability and debt ratios versus the competitors in your zip code 
  • And much more 

Before we get to this meeting, the Houston small business owner will have a chance to do a self-evaluation of the business. 

We’ll finish the meeting while presenting the 4 executive coaching Houston programs for the small business owner to sign up. Once ready, we’ll sign the coaching agreement and set up the next steps for regular coaching.

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