“2018 PMO Professionals on LinkedIn” 

Certified PMO Director™

If you carry out projects in your business, it makes sense to think of a Program Management Office (pmo). 

You may ask “But we are in the age of artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Does it really apply to us?” The answer: Yes, and it might also give you a competitive edge.

Each PMO has a purpose. At the heart of it, it’s to align people. It’s more about how people decide. And how they spend their time. It’s about how people prioritize. 

If you ask me, I’d say that’s the most important task each day. I have to rank my work so I spend time on the most important tasks first. 


Now that we have talked about PMO and how it’s important, let’s look at the PMO professionals on LinkedIn for 2018.


Sridhar Parameswaran

1) Sridhar Parameswaran

Sridhar Parameswaran earned his  Certified PMO Director™ from Business Unit Execution in November 2014. Parameswaran is Six Sigma certified and has a 25-year industry experience. 

He has contributed to industries such as telecommunications, software, manufacturing, quality control and electrical power.

In the spirit of giving back, Sridhar Parameswaran also served 2 terms as the Director of Professional Development for the Tulsa PMI Chapter. Sridhar holds MS MBA and BE degrees.

Sridhar has been endorsed for skills in Telecommunications, Project Management and PMP.


Sydoni Yee

2) Sydoni Yee

Why has Sydoni Yee made the list?

Sydoni Yee earned her  Certified PMO Director™ from Business Unit Execution in November 2018.

Sydoni Yee holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix. As a PMO executive, Sydoni brings over 15 years of experience in project management for the Healthcare industry.  

Sydoni Yee has been endorsed for skills in Process Improvement, Integration and Program Management

certified-pmo-director-sanna vähä-sullo

Sanna Vähä-Sullo

3) Sanna Vähä-Sullo

Why has Sanna Vähä-Sullo made the list?

Sanna Vähä-Sullo earned her Certified PMO Director™ from Business Unit Execution in February 2018.

Sanna Vähä-Sullo brings over 15 years of experience in the higher education industry. Sanna Vähä-Sullo holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused in Entrepreneurship and Business from Turku University of Applied Sciences.

Sanna Vähä-Sullo has been endorsed for skills in Project Management, International Project Management and IT Strategy.


Preeti Mudan

4) Preeti Mudan

Why has Preeti Mudan made the list?

Preeti Mudan brings over a decade of experience in running tight, efficient PMOs for the retail, healthcare and technology industries. Her strengths in aligning business strategy with PMO delivery makes her background most relevant to the fast-paced dynamic industry today.

Preeti Mudan has been endorsed for skills in Leadership, Project Management and IT Service Management.


April Romero

5) April Romero

Why has April Romero made the list?

April Romero has a 15-year contribution to project management for State of Tennessee. She is a Certified SCRUM Master and an experienced Oracle and PeopleSoft manager.

She is also the area director for Toastmasters International for 3 clubs. April Romero has been endorsed for skills in Leadership, Program Management and Project Management.

April Romero has been endorsed for skills in Leadership, Program Management and Project Management.


Janene Budnik

6) Janene Budnik

With 20 years IT project management experience across all verticals, Janine Budnik is also a speaker on Cloud Migrations, Disaster Recovery and Strategic PMOs. 

Janene Budnik has been endorsed for skills in PMP, Enterprise Portfolio Management, PMO Architecture and Development.


Jessica Lavalle

7) Jessica Lavalle

Jessica Lavalle is a senior PMO leader. She focuses on complete business solutions. 

Jessica works to transform organizations and deliver expertise gained across diverse industries. 

Jessica Lavalle has been endorsed for skills in Program Management, IT Strategy and Business Process.


Allen Touchet

8) Allen Touchet

Allen Touchet implements, re-engineers and manages PMO. 

Industries: Construction, Oil and gas, Defense, Aviation and e-Commerce 

Allen Touchet has been endorsed for skills in SDLC, Program Management and Integration.


Lynee Wheatcraft

9) Lynn Wheatcraft

Lynn Wheatcraft is a Program Director, PMO. He focuses on program management, for oil, gas, mining and energy markets.

Lynn has been endorsed for skills in Project Engineering, Engineering, Project Planning, Key Client Relationships and Oil and Gas.


Bill Mohr

10) Bill Mohr

Bill Mohr is a Director PMO and brings over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry.

Bill Mohr has been endorsed for skills in Leadership, Analysis and Project Management.

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