“7 Ways To Easy Sales”

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There are two types of small businesses. One set that work hard without sales results. And the second set that work less and yet get better sales.

You know why? As a Profitability Coach in Houston, I’m about to tell you. It has not been easy for me either. I admit I’ve made beaucoup mistakes in the past. And I learned over time.

The difference is in sales management for small business. The second set figured it out. They understood it has many moving parts. And they focused on collective results.

Sales managers who are successful focus on team results.  They deliver the best value to customers. Simultaneously they lift results for the entire team. 

Wouldn’t you agree it makes sense to create a win-win solution? I’m sure you’d want a solution that works well for you, your team as well as your customers...wouldn’t you?

So let’s dive in. Let’s assume you’re getting ready to talk to your prospect on the phone. Sales is about dealing with 3 levels. 

First you have the mental level. It’s the level that pulls your confidence in presenting your service or product. 

If you conquer this level, rest falls in place. If you don’t, you know it’s going to get harder to close. Here are some tips I’ve found useful.


Tip #1 Where are your customers?

For the best way to get leads, find out who has your customers. Then barter a deal with them to have a chance to talk to the same prospects.

Tip #2 The magic in music

Listen to music before you make the phone call or talk to prospects.

Tip #3 The habit of smiling

Smile while you talk, even if the other side is unfriendly on the call. It catches on quickly.

Tip #4 Asking better questions

Remember, sales is about listening more and asking better questions.

Now, let’s dive deeper to level 2. This is the level on how to manage the conversation. Unpeel the orange. 

It’s about learning the triggers that help your future client overcome issues they currently face. If you don’t go deeper, you’ll never find out how bad status quo is for them.

Tip #5 Listening better

To go deeper, you have to listen better. This is hard in the beginning because we hustle to talk, when we could ask questions instead.

Tip #6 Phrasing questions

Phrase questions in different ways. Use questions about situations sparingly. 

Finally, we get to level 3.

This level is about taking action. 

Most people think sales is about manipulation. That just isn’t true. Most people already know that without sales there will be no transaction or exchange of goods or services. 

So how do we make it painless?

What I’m about to tell you now may startle you. 

Sales is about service. Sales is about integrity and honesty. Sales is about leading your prospect to action so they could experience a better outcome from their purchase.

Tip #7 More follow up

Follow up. Then follow up. Then follow up some more until the prospect makes a decision and knows there are two outcomes. Outcome one is to stay where they are. Outcome two is to start the countdown to a better future.

The choice always lies with the prospect. You have to shine the spotlight so they can see.

If you think these tips can make a difference in your small business, leave a note. I’d be happy to hear from you.

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