“7 Ways To Hiring The Best Employees” 

Small Business Coaching for Hiring

Do you feel your business is too small? Let me tell you. It doesn’t matter. Here’s what you need to know though. You will still need the best personnel. Why? Because you want to constantly produce the best goods and services. Don’t you? That’s why hiring plays a big role in your enterprise. Now, let’s look at the steps to make it happen.

Step 1) Be the Company That People Want to Work for

Successful hiring props new personnel. It makes sure the best want to work for your business. A competent business coach in Houston works closely with small businesses to preserve their brand. 

You may probably already realize how this affects your enterprise profitability.

Aren’t you eager to discover how a strong brand could now influence people?

You may be aware your business brand is like the beacon on the shore.  It broadcasts what you stand for. And all employees can notice it –– current and future ones. 

A powerful brand can help you attract and keep the best people. Importantly, it can cut recruitment costs, as you will now have more applicants for each vacant spot. With a poor brand, it will have the opposite effect.

In general, your brand shows how you define your business culture. And what forms your leadership values. 

It’s the way people vicariously decide why they would work for you. They will ask themselves if your brand fits their style. So, what circles your brand? The answer: your jobs, your company profile and marketing. 

Now, do you have a Unique Selling Point? That’s what you need to show how you’re different, not superior.


Step 2) Describe The Successful Person, Not The Job Seeker

You probably already know you need to describe the job clearly. And then attract good candidates. 

When writing, look at the person who has been most successful in the role. It’s not just about duties. It’s about the right fit.

Focus on skills. A recent LinkedIn trend found two desirable skills, good communication and team play.

Talk about your business culture. It will help people know if they’ll fit before they apply. You may be aware that working with a profitability coach in Houston will allow you to focus on results. 

Use humor. It will appeal to a bigger audience. Highlight why your business is a nice place to work. Show how it's organized. Highlight the key benefits. 

For example, show how employees work on their own. Help people imagine your firm’s unique journey. All this will go a long way.

Step 3) Spread The Word in The Right Direction

To spread the word about your new job, combine unconventional methods. Start with employee references. A Silkroad survey shows employee references worked 22% better. Job search websites are another good choice. 

a) Use employee referrals

Applicants referred by existing workers often stay longer when hired. That’s because they now know the firm better. Create an employee referral program. Note this channel. Measure results.

b) Consider a recruiter on contract

Recruiters rank third in recruitment methods. Because small businesses are sensitive to cost, they resist using external methods. Occasionally, it may be useful to contract recruiters. Such choices work best for top positions.

Step 4) Filter the Candidates to Find The Best

If you've followed steps 1-2-3, you should now have a good stack of candidates.

Next, filter the list. Use profiling to find the best fit-even before someone steps on your door. Spend time with the best few. Ask more questions to find the best fit. 

Wouldn’t you want to take care of it now so you don’t have to deal with misfits later?

Step 5) Set up Effective On-boarding

Effective start guarantees new employees prevail. And later produce results quickly.

You probably already are aware you need documents from them. Collect them early. Create harmony when candidates step into your firm. Make it a fun place to work.

There are many forms new candidates need. Here are some examples.

  • Signed offer letter
  • Tax forms, p. W-2 or W-4
  • Identity forms, p. I-9
  • Forms for paychecks or direct deposit

Step 6) Lease Slowly

Nearly 50% of all new hires failed within 18 months (source: Leadership IQ and 5000 HR executives). The US Department of Labor estimates bad jobs cost 30% of the employee's first-year salary. It’s difficult to put a price on integrity and soft skills. Here are some tips to avoid mismatches.

Go slow. Cost of a bad job is often worse than the cost of waiting. Manage the pressure. Don’t wait to search. Keep looking for people over time. That will give you the cushion to be ready on short notice.

Step 7) Develop Worker Retention Strategies

Recruit and train new employees. It does take time but it pays off. Keep them loyal. It’s cost effective that way.

Give employees timely reviews.

Everyone likes to know how they do at their new job. Personnel are no different. They value their review one on one. They want to learn about themselves, their strengths and challenges. 

A robust procedure to manage performance works. For example, a yearly performance review helps reduce risks. It’s called the 360-degree review. Such steps make employees stay longer with the firm. 

Make sure you find employees who find the job interesting. Discover early if it motivates them. 

A dedicated employee is happier. Have a program for learning. Build opportunities for growth. Add cultural team and group building events to the mix. Everything will come together in time.

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Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. Want even faster results? Are you ready to discover how? Call 281.410.5375 and speak to your Profitability Coach Houston

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