“ How a Skeptical Owner Achieved 3X Business Growth after Hiring a Business Coach ” 

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There’s an old saying that business advice is worth more for what it can do for you than what you pay for it. I thought most people saw this coming. But I was wrong. 

At least I was wrong about one business owner who remained skeptical. He wanted to grow his business profits. He had the intent. He did not lack confidence either. But he suffered from extreme skepticism. 

As you might already know, he wasn’t alone. This happens to the best of us. Every business owner wants to make the business profitable. Yet they don’t pause for advice.

When I approached him, he did not want to yield. He did not want to listen, even for useful advice. Somehow, he believed deep inside that he would lose control. That’s why the beginning of change came from changing his beliefs so we could transform his business. We did it together.

Here are the 3 things that happened rocketing business growth for this business.

1) Delegation Plan

Each time the phone rang, the business owner picked it up. He answered questions. He talked to the caller more than he needed to. This continued with each caller each day. That left fewer hours for the owner to deliver installation services. Work that produced real sales fell like a stone.

Together, we changed course. We had to change the status quo. We made a list of current tasks. Then, we screened the ones that did not produce revenue. Next, the owner advertised for an office administrator–– and delegated all the non-revenue work. This freed up his time. He could now work on sales and deliver orders. Customers acknowledged the service and rewarded the business through 5-star reviews on Google. This paved the way for even more sales.

2) Unique Selling Point or USP

In our story, this business did not have a unique selling point or USP. They desperately needed one. Why? Because, it forms a compelling reason for businesses to work with you and not your competitors. Before the USP, proposals weren’t attractive. 

They looked pricey. Customers questioned them. They blocked orders, refusing to buy. This frustrated the owner. We had to make another change.

We worked hard to define a clear USP. It took 11 steps. Suddenly perceptions changed. We added it to each proposal making it even more attractive. Customers now leaped forward to sign agreements. Soon, profits jumped. This not only helped in growing the business but also lowered the pressure on sales. The business had now reached a major turning point. This is how we demonstrated the power of the USP.

3) Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Next, we tackled employee performance. Adding an employee was easy. Yet, making them productive was another story. 

But with the help key performance indicators or KPIs, we were able to show individual results. Each employee had their own KPIs. This helped them know how they did. And how their work helped the business make profits. 

We installed a daily report.  Each day, each employee sent their KPIs to the owner. He could see how they made spectacular progress.

These were only 3 simple ways that this business carried out plans and the owner could grow the company 3 times its revenue––beginning from 1X in January and ending with 3X in December.

With further business coaching, even amid a Pandemic, this business is still flourishing while adding more employees and more business growth.

Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––if you ever wanted to get ahead in starting your business, running your business or growing your business then invest in a business coach in Houston, and set up your FREE Explosive Business Results phone call. CLICK HERE.

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