“How Strategy Converts To Easy Actions” 

Small Business Coaching - One Sheet Plan.


Most business owners want to grow, increase profits using tactical methods. One such Houston small business owner said: “I have no time to make big plans. They take too much time.”

I understood such thinking. I know where it comes from. But having no plan to grow isn’t good either.

Any plan has to do with people and methods. People affect how we look at the business. Methods affect efficient work. 

One can break them into 7 parts. Some call it small business strategy. I’ll just call it plan. It makes it simple.

1) Develop Core Beliefs

Core beliefs define rules. It’s what the business should and shouldn’t do. It tells us how people inside the business decide and act on work. 

It identifies the business.

2) Explain Business Reason

The reason for small business to exist answers the question “why”. It shows how clients benefit. 

It shows people who work how they affect the business. 

For example, profit per client or target long-term results show such reasons.

3) Outline Mid-Term Goals

Mid-term goals affect business over 3 to 5 years. It shows where the business is going.

It records the chief abilities to grow sales, net profits and number of clients.

For example brand results KPIs or brand assurances add value to where the business travels.

4) Highlight 1-Year Goals

One-year goals answer the question “what”. Adding to growth, net profits and number of clients, it answers questions on gross margin, net cash, accounts receivable, products and sales per employee.

5) Mark The Actions

Actions show “how” the small business will improve productivity.

For example, define target number of first time demos or target closing ratio for sales.

6) Know The Business Theme

Theme supports core beliefs. Do it quarterly or yearly. 

Celebrate wins according to targets. Reward teams for results.

7) Make People Accountable

Accountability answers questions “who” and “when”. KPIs and quarterly priorities define work and actions. 

For example, define target employee turnover and target number of “A” players.

Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. 

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