“Who Else Wants To Stop Sales Failure” 

Small Business Coaching - 7 Reasons To Lose Sales.


Business owners have strong beliefs on how we should sell. Reality check: It’s not all one-sided. You have a customer, who has to be ready for your product or service. 

During a conversation, a Houston small business owner said: “Sales managers need to take action. If they don’t, they’re sure to lose the sale.” And I asked: “Is that all that they need to do?” I could sense silence on the other side.

That’s when I started looking deeper. I saw 7 reasons for sales failure. Insights can be priceless.

1) Poor Qualification

I’d say this is the most important reason sales fails. 

If you’re talking to people who aren’t in your service “sweet spot”, no sales skill can get over the hump. “I don’t need your service. Take me off your list” would be the typical response. 

Ideal clients want to talk to you about your service. 

They want to learn more. You develop a quality conversation. And rapport comes naturally. Answer 4 questions to qualify prospects.

  • Why do you think your prospect will become your client? Find a way to look at sweet spot, project, client funds, client credit status and urgency.
  • Why we can compete? Find out reasons we’re better than our competitors. Importantly, use metaphors to compare them quickly.
  • Why we can win? Check and explain how we reduce client’s pain. If there’s no pain, build a story with pain and show how someone got over it. And did it using your service or product
  • Why is winning worth the trouble? If your sweet spot is larger projects, it may not be good winning on a small project. Especially if it takes all your time.

2) Need

When I sell electricity, I know every business needs it. But do they need it now? That turns out to be important. If not now, when do they need it? That answer builds the best sales pipeline.

3) Authority

People lose sales when they talk to the wrong people. I’d like to talk to the heads of businesses. I’d like to talk to owners. I’d like to talk to people who decide to buy. But we have gatekeepers. That’s why we need scripts, which gets us past them.

4) Price

Every buyer thinks of saving money. Play price against other reasons to gain attention. Once you have it, try to close sale. Price is a reason for lost sales––specially in commodity sales. Try not to make yourself a commodity!

5) Feature

Features are extras. Buyers do compare and reject sale based on features. But skilled sales people always find benefits. They make it easy to see why it makes sense to buy from them.

6) Lost Momentum

Sales is about developing habits. It’s about determination. It’s about never giving up––ever. If you lose momentum in prospecting, sales suffers. It’s about numbers. So keep up good quality conversations. 

7) Other Reasons

Timing, competitors, market and combined reasons can make up lost sales. Discover the exact reason. Then use sales scripts to showcase benefits over others. You’ll find the answer to lost sales.

Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. 

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