“How To Use Innovation To Create Phenomenal Results."

Getting The Culture Advantage

One Houston small business owner asked me: “How do I build my firm to be creative from the ground up? 

I paused for a moment. 

And then asked: “Do you know the way your business teams work today?” After a series of questions, I began to uncover the story.

Small engineering firms struggle with identity. They want to be different. And it helps more than being better. I mean better than your competitor. All of it leads to bigger growth.

To build culture in a small business takes discipline. The right steps will take you there quicker.


Business Coaching Houston For Small Business To Get Culture Advantage

Build A One-page Strategic Plan

Define your quarterly, annual and 3-5 year goals. Start with bigger goals. They could be your dreams for your small business. 

Follow along. Measure your key performance and progress each week. Check if you are going to meet your quarterly targets. That’ll tell you if you are going to meet the year’s goals. 

Once teams in the small business know what’s expected they can get there. Most times it isn’t clear. 

Organize team meetings with clear purpose. End meetings with actions, dates and owners. 

Decide on value––organize work into projects

Organizing work into projects results in budgets, time lines and finish dates. It lightens the load on teams. 

They now know when the small business needs delivery of goods.

Coach teams to decide using value. Be clear. It means people spend time to add value for the client. 

It’s the opposite of low cost strategy. It’s the way people lengthen client relationships. Importantly, it builds trust. And removes the focus on price.

Buy from sellers who innovate. Build work procedures. Promote more “why” questions. And answer them. 

Encourage teams to ask different questions.

Reward for right performance 

Use right key performance measures to evaluate performance. 

Rewards don’t have to be on one measure. 

Combine different key measures. For example, assign percentages for gross profit margin, days in accounts payable or receivable, operating profit margin or days in inventory. 

Mark expected results for each percentage level.


Small business will increase market share for goods and services.

Clients will prefer working with your small business teams. It will create long-term intellectual wealth for the business. 

It doesn’t end there. You have just created a powerful market referral model.

Your small business becomes a single source for goods and services clients want to buy.

Jump to become a creative small business. And you’ll never look back.

Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. Want even faster results? Are you ready to learn? Call 281.410.5375 and speak to your Profitability Coach Houston today!

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