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Everything is bigger in Texas–small business is “big” too! 

Houston is the 4th biggest city in America. And it is home to many small businesses. Healthcare and Energy give Houston its home field glory. 

Small business is a great stage for many who move away from jobs to succeed as entrepreneurs. 

Take me for example. I started blogging to share my experience. Now, I’ve created my own services. 

First I created a program for PMO professionals so they could climb the corporate ladder quickly: Certified PMO Director™

Next I went on to create another program for professionals to become a Certified Business Unit Manager™

Moving on, I’ve created a program: Rocket Business Results Using Evaluations™. One measures corporate business unit performance. Second lifts small business profitability.

Services such as small business coaching and executive coaching for professionals hand me plenty to do. I’ve written 12 eBooks on various business topics. They’re for sale on Amazon.

And I’m enjoying the journey as profitability coach Houston (buexecution.com)

Creating a small business wasn’t to move away from a job. It gives me a place to showcase my talent and offer my best. Now I offer services as a one-stop-shop for small businesses.

Profitability Coach • Building Websites • Bookkeeping • Payroll • Retail Electricity

I’m sure many of you reading this article know your potential.

You know that if only you had the freedom to aim for your talents and give it your best, you’d be happier. And looking down, you’d see the landscape of your past jobs that tried to put you in a box.

Should you consider Houston for your move? Take a look. 

I came up with the list of top 20 fastest growing small businesses (revenues under $30m–reference Inc. 5000)

And if you think your small business should be on it, please comment below.

1) Myrtle Consulting Group

  • CEO: Edwin Bosso
  • 3-year growth: 1,052% 
  • Revenue: $8.9m
  • Website: myrtlegroup.com

Offers consulting services to help food, drink, consumer products and life sciences companies so they improve work efficiencies.

The firm’s website is friendly and inviting. It has a blend of colors, video and pictures to explain the firm’s services. For a consulting firm, it’s common to see their service value explained differently on different pages.

I think a “call-to-action” on the home page could help the firm.

2) Onit

  • CEO: Eric Elfman
  • 3-year growth: 990% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $3m
  • Website: onit.com

Offers software to help legal departments improve their work efficiency and reduce costs.

On coming to the website, I saw a slider moving a bit fast. It makes it difficult to read the text. Choice of red and blue colors on the home page shows that trust is key to the firm’s values. 

3) ipDatatel

  • CEO: Russell Vail
  • 3-year growth: 742% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $13m
  • Website: ipdatatel.com

Offers data centers for Internet work and applications, including a SecureSmart app connected to alarm technology.

Short list of menus on the website make navigation easy. Fonts are hard to read. Arranging menus and services differently could serve the firm even better.

4) First Cornerstone Group

Provides real estate investing education and marketing, focused on the niche of small apartment investing.

The website gets to the point quickly. A video explains the firm’s services and a “call-to-action”. Making it responsive to mobile users could help.

5) Assured Flow Solutions

Offers consulting services in engineering and specializes in oil and gas work. Assured Flow Solutions (AFS) brings basic chemical knowledge with its laboratory. AFS works with universities to develop technical expertise and supports student projects.

On visiting the website, I found a page for distinguishing the firm’s services. Fonts are a bit hard to read. A “call-to-action” on the home page could serve the firm better.

6) AcctTwo

  • CEO: Marcus Wagner
  • 3-year growth: 461% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $5.5m
  • Website: accttwo.com

Offers accounting services – sells cloud-based accounting and enterprise planning software.

Website has clear “call-to-action”.  It also shows a section for recent articles.

7) AMSYS Innovative Solutions

  • CEO: Khalid (Ken) Parekh
  • 3-year growth: 422% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $5.5m
  • Website: amsysis.com

Provides IT management, consulting and staffing services.

Website has a compelling slider showing the firm’s services. It’s hard for the IT industry to show products without using acronyms but this firm is pulling it off. 

8) JP Services

  • CEO: Justin Peter
  • 3-year growth: 327% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $6.8m
  • Website: jpservices.com

Offers pressure testing and pipeline maintenance services for the oil and gas industry.

Excellent website showcases services in a compelling way. Just the right number of menu items makes navigation easy. A prominent “call-to-action” could serve this firm better.

9) ATOM Solutions

  • CEO: Firoz Jhaver
  • 3-year growth: 319% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $4.4m
  • Website:  whoisatom.com

Offers business IT consulting and services, including ETRM-CTRM software implementation, application development and SOX compliance audits.

Website shows off attractive colors and an artistic slider. Simpler language describing top services could serve the firm better. More prominent “call-to-action” could help as well.

10) Rice and Gardner Consultants

  • CEO: James Rice
  • 3-year growth: 296% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $8m
  • Website: ricegardner.com

Offers program development services including program management, building commissioning, MEP engineering and construction support for clients including cities, K-12, higher education, institutions and hospitals.

Excellent website overall. Some other pages answering “why us” could serve the firm better.

11) symplr

  • CEO: Rick Pleczko
  • 3-year growth: 266% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $27.2m
  • Website: symplr.com

Makes software that helps health care businesses mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

The firm has an interesting website. It makes visitors engage using chats, memberships and a video. However, the video breaks up during views.

12) Kastech

  • CEO: Sridhar Patibandla
  • 3-year growth: 233% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $11.8m
  • Website: kastechssg.com

Adds IT staff and offers ERP, database, cloud, security, and mobility services.

Fewer menus on the website could do better. Different fonts could improve readability. Content management could ease navigation.

13) Global Healing Center

Develops, makes and sells green-living lifestyle, health and nutritional products.

It’s a well-designed website. It has a simple layout to navigate. Excellent “call-to-action” shows the user what to do –subscribe, learn more or buy.

14) Maneri Agraz Enterprises

  • CEO: John Maneri
  • 3-year growth: 222% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $6.9m
  • Website: ma-llc.net

Designs and installs lighting that saves energy for buildings.

Impressive lighting video welcomes you to their website. I didn’t see a “call-to-action”. Having one set of menus could help visitors.

15) Poetic Systems

  • CEO: Matthew Hager
  • 3-year growth: 216% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $2.2m
  • Website: poeticsystems.com

Helps startups solve problems through user-focused design.

On coming to the website, I felt it was a website designed for website designers. For example, the vertical menu looked like the screen one would see for a missing domain. A short description could help the visitor know if he or she is in the right place.

16) Silicus Technologies

  • CEO: Sumant Ahuja
  • 3-year growth: 211% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $13.4m
  • Website: silicus.com

Offers software development and consulting services so businesses work more efficiently. Identifies and plans business led by technology, developing solutions and managing investments.

I reached the website and saw a vertical slider. Text at 70% keeps you guessing on the site's purpose. Some changes to make it friendly to visitors could go a long way.

17) GATE Premier Solutions

  • CEO: Alicia Heiskell
  • 3-year growth: 204% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $25.3m
  • Website: gpsinc.com

Offers standby and permanent staffing and independent contractor consulting services for the oil and gas industry, specializing in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

This is the first business, where I saw Inc. magazine rating on the home page of the website. Scrolling down shows a slogan “Our People Are Our Greatest Resource”. Images of more people on the website could highlight culture.

18) 3S Business Corporation

  • CEO: Sri Tayi
  • 3-year growth: 196% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $12m
  • Website: 3sbc.com

Offers software and consulting services to help clients plan, fulfill, and preserve their technology investments.

I checked out their website. It shows an interesting slider and captures your mind. Menus focus on projects, services and other items. A different menu could improve message to visitors.

19) Willbanks & Associates

  • CEO: Trey Willbanks
  • 3-year growth: 181% (Inc. 5000)
  • Revenue: $16.4m
  • Website: willbanksinc.com

Offers commercial and industrial heating and hot water equipment sales, installation, and service.

I found a clear website with a message explaining Willbanks’ services. But it serves familiar customers better-ones who know what they want or who could refer others to the site.

20) Nightlight Pediatric Urgent Care

Provides after-hours urgent care for infants, children and adolescents during the absence of pediatricians.

I visited the website. Though the slider technology seems overused, it’s a simple site. It’s a bit hard to notice the “testimonials”–they slide in and out before you know it. For users familiar with this business, it’s an effective site. 

Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. Want even faster results? Are you ready to discover how? Call 281.410.5375 and speak to your Profitability Coach Houston

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