“How to Get over Confusion in Business Growth”

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            Imagine that you’ve taken a big leap forward in growing your business. And while you have fired up all cylinders to start selling your services and goods, you feel a bit nervous. Further, you might become so nervous over time that you’re not even certain of the steps you plan to take to grow.

            Suddenly, you hear your inner voice. It’s now telling you that your marketing strategy sucks. It’s letting you know that your sales methods fall apart. And it is telling you that no one is really going to pay the price you charge for your goods. And if they do they won’t be happy campers.

Sound familiar? 

            Those voices are normal. Every business owner faces the same doubt and the same struggle, which could cripple your thoughts. So, what are you going to do? While the best cure is instant success in sales, you could also take these actions.



1) Offer Free Trials

       If you have goods you could give away, it will help you get opinions or even suggestions on improving them. You will be able to make changes and offer value that customers will find difficult to refuse. That will erase any doubts you have in growing your business.

2) Charge Lower Prices

       When you start out, charge lower prices for your services. Split your services showing incremental benefits. That will shift buyers to decide on the benefits they value most. Once you know what sells more, you could revise prices as you see progress. It will give you a stable band to price your goods.

3) Invite referrals

      The easiest way to grow a business is to invite your existing customers’ friends. Give out a bonus for any customer who refers you to possible buyers. This will motivate existing clients to look out for your business when they see the opportunity. There’s an old saying that losing an existing customer is equal in effort to going out and getting 10 new customers.

4) Bolster your will to stay

       Our mind and the vision we paint for the reasons we started the business fade in time. It is therefore important that we remind ourselves how we add value. And you have to let time take its course so it reaches your future clients. By the way, they will also see the same value that you see. That’s when you’ll really start growing your business.

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