How To Align The Company To Execute

The Silo                             

Let’s consider a business unit which struggles in the Enterprise Planning software market. The company has sharp people. Parts of the software are easy to use and lead the market. However, when taken together, the software doesn’t help customers see the benefits. The company has silos where developers aren’t coordinating with other sections. So, the offering doesn’t act well together. Each section’s goals don’t join with others for a common superior offer. The business unit manager focuses on short-term revenue goals. He drives sales managers for immediate targets. The whole unit remains tactical. They can’t see the forest through the trees. What can the business unit manager do differently? How can he focus the organization to gain market strength?


Defining What The Company Does - First

Many companies rush to market products without knowing their brand identity. This isn’t what marketing does but what customers think – both inside the company and outside the company – employees and customers. Without a clear picture of how the company makes money, people decide to do work, which may offer no value. Such work leads to waste. To define the brand, the business unit manager needs to:

  • Steer new workers to develop right approach at start
  • Send newsletters offering examples of right behavior
  • Encourage employees to visit business unit web page
  • Set up regular talks with employees in a friendly atmosphere
  • Post pictures showing how company makes money, so people decide correctly 
  • Advertise in various formats

What We Learn

The business unit manager has to know how people decide what not to do each day. However, if they have inconsistent views of the market or the unit’s solutions to customer problems, it signals a problem. The business has to invest in aligning people for a stronger purpose.

 How Businesses Reach Their Goals

It’s easy to overlook how employees or customers think of the business. Unless businesses have a clear purpose for their existence, people won’t have meaning for their work. Their spirit erodes and slowly you see the company fall apart. Employees leave to work for competitors or find a place to work where their work has meaning. The business unit manager’s job is to align people so they stay motivated towards a common goal. More time he or she spends answering questions and telling people regularly where the company is going, greater the chances for the unit to continue superior results.

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