How Business Unit Managers Direct Their Reporting Managers To Choose The Right Priorities

Every business unit manager needs to have a plan to grow his management team. Not just grow but also get long-term commitment from key leaders. Then the hardest part is developing a successor. It goes to declare how secure the business unit manager feels. This again takes you back to the basics; treating your business unit as a small business. The business unit manager has to think of setting up a profit sharing plan for his key leaders so they’re rewarded for the right performance.

As John Maxwell says: “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best.

business unit manager directing reporting managers

For the business unit manager to detach his personality from the business and separate him from day-to-day work, the first step is to put a key leader reporting to him. According to the Maxwell model, the business unit manager has to go through 6 steps to identify, support and develop a leader - position, permission, production, people development and personhood. If the business unit manager is ready for a successor, he needs to focus on KPIs, reports and forecasts coming from his team and not doing it himself. We need to ask “What leadership influence does the business unit manager have on people around him in his business unit? We need to look for a leader working at the people development or personhood stage simply because there’s an inspirational part to leadership.

Next is the operations and training manual. Every business unit needs to have job descriptions, pictures, policies, video clips so people can do their jobs in the best way they need to do them. This lends a method to control time people spend in the business unit and prevents the business unit manager from “doing it all”.

We need to ask “What leadership influence does the business unit manager have on people around him in his business unit? 

Finally, every business unit manager needs to have an organization chart, which shows current tasks he does as the business owner. It allows the business owner to transfer skills using some form of an apprenticeship plan.

Once the business unit manager directs his managers and supervisors in these methods to set business priorities, the business plows into plateaus of higher prosperity.

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