How To Measure And Improve Your Business Unit Results


The Need To Measure 

Every business unit aims to set goals, deliver goods and services while keeping long-term customers. However, many businesses don’t have a compass to give them answers to their questions. People in the business remain confused about their roles and the overall plans. This isn’t trivial. After all, every business likes to say “People are our greatest asset”. Yet many don’t know how people spend their time or rank work or decide how to rank them. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. So every business unit manager needs to measure the areas of the business to see what’s getting better and what isn’t. 

What To Measure

Though it seems simple, it's clear each business has challenges. Each business unit needs to market goods, sell, set overall plans, use their people’s talents well and help them rank their work, work against risks and competitors while keeping their customers. Let’s not forget - we also need to preserve a robust aftermarket service. So, it would make sense for the business unit to measure tasks we outlined here. This goes beyond measuring key results. It's important to measure how the business sets practical goals, aligns people to decide and finish work, and how it moves projects and programs to support the aftermarket service. 

How To Measure

Since people are in the center of any overall plan to grow the business unit, it makes sense to understand how people decide and act on their work. This suggests we need to measure how people reply to various questions that affect marketing, sales, overall plans and alignment, ranking work, using people, working day-to-day and aftermarket service. 

How To Use Measurements

We need to improve results each period using what we measure. The business unit manager needs to set up the actions following each measurement. He needs to share the measurement status with employees and his superiors. The right metrics would help him decide on the overall plans. It’s equally important to share the success so you could recognize and reward the right standards of behavior people show when they work. Every period brings new challenges so this assessment could bring new set of actions. The business unit manager and his team need to stay on top of the actions so they improve the business unit and repeat stellar performance. Once the business sets itself apart from competitors, it will create the distance it needs for a new market.

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