“ How to Grow Your Business using an EIDL Loan” 

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You and I both know that one has to be persistent when you want to grow your business. That could demand tenacity and endurance. You will need all the strength you have to take one extra step when trouble whispers in your ear that it is time to give up.

As a savvy business owner, you are the leader who produces results and business growth. You not only need sales but you also need profits so your business can stay afloat. Are you aware of the effect  some extra money could have on your business?


Working capital affects many parts of your business, from paying your employees and sellers to keeping the lights on and planning for sustainable long-term growth. In short, working capital is the money available to meet your current, short-term debts.

You could increase your leverage by applying for an SBA EIDL loan or the Economic Injury Disaster Loan. 

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you qualify as a business owner. The EIDL program adds economic relief to businesses that are experiencing temporary loss of revenue because of COVID-19.

Through this EIDL loan you could pay for:

  • Working expenses
  • Payroll and wages
  • Pay for fixed costs such as rent or even business coaching

Some rules apply to EIDL loans such as:

  • Loans over $25,000 need collateral
  • EIDL advance is forgivable
  • EIDL payments could start after one year while interest accrues

Check out more information at sba.gov

A healthy business pays off its current liabilities using current assets. A ratio above 1 means a company's assets can turn into cash at a faster rate. 

While working capital funds do not expire, the working capital figure does change over time. That's because a company's current liabilities and current assets work on a rolling 12-month period.

When you work with a business coach or business consultant, you have the chance to build discipline in growing your business. When you find that these costs have a simple payback, you might discover more value from using your EIDL loan.

I have seen that business owners who stick to a schedule, where they work on their business twice a month get outstanding results. That is why I offer different programs for business growth. 

I help business owners step by step in carrying out world-class strategies using tools and templates. We work through Skype calls scheduled during evening hours or weekends so it’s easy to attend.

Besides, offering a one-stop shop for online profitability coaching gives business owners a place to seek high-value service such as:

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today for the fastest way to grow your business.

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