“5 Steps You Could Take in Growing Your Business Even When Others Shrink” 

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Have you tried everything you could only to come up short in growing your business? Has the pandemic affected every nerve of your business? You’re not alone when you feel this way. You have company.

Many businesses find themselves unable to see the fast funding. It doesn’t seem so fast any more. Others feel that their customers have left them hanging by the thread. Can you blame them? Maybe not.

Whether you couldn’t bump up your efforts or whether customers fled, you have in your hands the best choice for your business. 

In this time, finding new incomes is not only your choice, but it is the only choice. It makes sense when you want to stay in business. That is why I’d like to suggest these 5 ways to creatively re-build your business––brick by brick.


1) Find the basic need

Just as you begin to feel that customers have no money to spend, you discover there is still disposable income out there. It is for you to find it. Check your service and re-align it to the most pressing need of this hour. Ask yourself: What would customers need now? And how is my service or offer filling that need? Once you get the answer, re-package your services. You will get traction. Your customers will connect with you. You’ve just discovered their basic need.

2) Craft longer agreements

When you find yourself in a pandemic, one has to expect that spending would shift. It will go toward essential items. That pummels most industries. Exclude healthcare, medical or even media. You would find it harder to sell your goods and services in most non-essential groups. That’s how it is now.

What could we do then to not only continue but survive and still thrive? 

You might be better off in offering big discounts to customers who sign up for the longer term. Simplify these agreements. You could work with existing or future clients. This would allow you to collect monthly services or sell goods with an up-front charge. The more steps you take to extend terms, the more you’d boost your cash flow. And when the economy recovers, you will find yourself recovering sooner than later. Who wouldn’t want that?

3) Follow the spending trail

Even when the economy is reeling under a pandemic, people will find ways to spend. If people are spending on goods online, you could get online as well. If you did not have a website with e-commerce, here is your chance for growing your business. Get creative. Build that online store. Invest now so it pays you back sooner than later.

Find out what people will need when they want to recover faster. Then fill that need by repackaging your services or goods. In doing so, you would be creating a want that did not previously exist.

4) Change business model

When you see how automakers started producing masks, ventilators and PPE equipment using car making machines, it is obvious they had to adapt. 

You have to do the same.

That could happen when you change your services to cater to a new audience amid a pandemic. Changing the business model could mean changing services or goods to offer relief. Relief to people who are desperately needing help. You could relabel your goods and adjust them to serve a newer purpose. That will get you ahead not only in building rapport but creating a new breed of loyal customers when the economy returns.

5) Re-invent your procedures

Now is the time for review. See how you have been working in delivering goods and services. Do you have a Customer Relationship Method? It’s called CRM. If you don’t, you could inexpensively set one up. If you did not do e-mail marketing previously, you could now set that up to nurture your customers periodically. You will save time and money building that trust. The same trust that seemed so elusive before. And that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

Taking these steps will keep you a step ahead of the pandemic. And who knows you might even prosper and thrive when other businesses barely just survive.

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Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. Want even faster results? Are you ready to discover how? Call 281.410.5375 and speak to your Profitability Coach Houston

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