“ 4 Ways to Listening in Business Amid a Pandemic ” 

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Let’s face it. Research tells us that you can’t build trust with your customers if you aren’t listening in business. It is even more true amid a pandemic. Most people now are already preoccupied. Their minds stuck on their business future. They want to be able to forecast. The want the map that shows them how to go from no business to soaring business. 

Listening in business not only could build trust but also make customers want to open up to you. They could reveal their challenges. That could help you build the bridge in this relationship.

But how do you practice listening well. Now, you’re listening. It’s about building a skill, where most of us have to shift our minds and focus. It should be squarely on the customer.


Here are 4 ways you could listen.

1) Value the customer

When you begin to notice where the customer is when you start the journey, you will find out what affects them. Compliment them for their efforts until that point. That makes customers feel you value them. I must admit here. Most people aren’t always willing to open up. That’s when you start the conversation with a question. I would ask something like, “What’s important to you in a blank? That blank could be the service or product you offer.

2) Speak 1/3rds of the time

This looks difficult but it really is easy. It is about learning to ask the right questions. It’s about improving listening skills. When you do, you are not only making the customer feel important but also discovering more about what they seek. You could then fill their need using your product or service. 

When you find yourself spending more time talking, stop and ask another question. That way you would end up speaking about 1/3rds of the time. It does take practice. But you will get there. And it will pay you back big time when you do.

3) Listen between the lines

Let’s face it. We are all a result of our environment. We discover how to distort, delete and generalize every piece of information that flows through our ears. That’s just how we are. If you really want to know why someone does not want your product or service, you have to probe under the surface. You have to peel the orange.

The other day I had someone tell me that he did not need the kind of service that I offered when I explained that I offer profitability coaching. I had to stop and ask what he meant. So I probed: “I don’t mean to be on your back. But what specifically about this service makes you say that.”. 

That opened up another conversation where I was able to dig more and find out the real reason why they did not need a coach at this time.

4) Build common ground and repeat key words

Have you ever talked with someone where you focused on what’s common right from the start? That’s what makes the difference. Your task in building rapport is to emphasize how you have common tastes or common experiences as the customer.

Second, notice how your customer uses key words or metaphors to vividly describe a particular experience. It could be about their journey or even a product that they previously bought.

One useful question is: “When did you last buy a product or service that you really enjoyed. What did you feel that made you like it so much.”

In the answer to this question, you will find what makes this customer buy. Then you could use an analogy to show how your service or product could achieve the same result. Now, use the exact key words they used to describe their experience.

There you have it. Use these 4 ways to listen more and get your sales soaring – even amid a pandemic.

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