“Are You Losing Control in Your Business Because You’re Doing it All (Recover Now)” 

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“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets people to do the greatest things” – Ronald Reagan

       People loved Ronald Reagan. He showcased powerful leadership skills. And his quote typifies the importance of effective delegation. A person can never be a great leader unless he learns how to delegate his work to others. 

       Once you start a business you quickly realize that you will have tasks you wish you didn’t have to do. You also figure out that you couldn’t possibly manage the entire business all on your own and still make money. 

       Take the example of Soyini Chan-Shue who worked in the New York Police Department. Many worked under her.  She did it all herself. But when she started her own security firm, she found it hard to delegate. She is running a successful business now. However, all wasn’t as rosy when she started. Like most entrepreneurs today, Chan-Shue wanted to keep the reins of the business in her hands. 

        She faced challenges in trying to do it all herself. That’s when she quickly realized she had to delegate. At least she had to delegate so she could focus on the tasks that made her money.  Now her business flourishes with every passing day. Thanks to her ability to delegate.



1) How important is delegation?

       Research shows that many small business owners are reluctant to delegate their work to other people. Even though they have hired sub-ordinates to do their work, they still don’t feel safe. They feel insecure. Giving up authority to anyone isn’t easy.  This is common in small businesses. People believe that they can control and manage their business. They underestimate the work because of their smaller size. But size is irrelevant. 

      Delegation is critical, regardless of size. You pay people for their skills and expertise, don’t you? Ask yourself. Why would you want to pay someone if you don’t want him or her to do the work? It just makes no sense. Yet most business owners make this mistake anyway.

2) The pitfalls of doing it all yourself

      Nobody can deny that entrepreneurs persevere. Otherwise they wouldn’t be in it. They want to see their business flourish. They want to become successful. Yet success comes with trust. Trust in your people. Just like your customers have to trust you, you have to trust your team. Doesn’t that make sense?

      Small business owners shoulder the full burden of their business. They might feel like they are contributing heavily. However, the stress and business burden could take over your passion. Small business owners who keep it exclusive to them could suffer from increased anxiety. Their endless passion, good in the short run, could damage their business in the long run. Instead of having full control on their business they could lose total control of their business.

3) How to control your business and start delegating

       Greet and talk to your team daily. This will help you develop trust inside your team and that could help you effectively delegate tasks. It is part of the strategic planning for small business. You discover the benefit in delegating the right tasks to the right people. Evaluate the skills and character of your employees. This will allow you to divide your work. You could do it effectively knowing the abilities and interests of your staff. 

       Besides, you could also hire a small business coach. Hiring a small business coach will help you put together a delegation plan. Acting on the advice of your small business coach will let you control your business. And you will do it in a way that carries your business. 

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