“ 3 Ways a Management Consultant Could Rescue a Business Unit ” 

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Over my 20 years in the industry, I have come across 3 trends in management consulting. Many business leaders question the need to hire a management consultant. Some resist. Others feel they have no budget. You discover soon that their business isn’t producing results. You look closer and find out they have tried every tactic. 

Nothing has worked. Yet, no one thinks of looking outside. Does that sound like a story you have heard before?


That brings us here. What could a management consultant do? What part of the business could change? To answer that question, I’d like to highlight 3 areas, where management consulting does what a business unit could find difficult to do––at least without objective advice or support.

1) Solve Complex Issues

When business units underperform, there could be plenty of reasons. It not only touches your business strategy but also your business reporting layout and culture. 

If you look closer, you find out that most often it is the delicate neck that connects the head with the body––your business strategy with everything you call “carrying out the work”. That’s what breaks. That’s what research shows.

And that’s why you need a separate view––one that digs deeper not only into the work people do, but how they decide and how they rank their work.

2) Remove blind spots in team communications

When people communicate in a team, you are talking about culture. It is not only what they write but also how they think about what they want to write. It is how thinking turns into speech. 

Do you speak before or after you know the other person’s style of communication? And how do you discover other people’s styles and preferences when it comes to expression.

That’s where a management consultant could add a team workshop to iron out barriers and give a fresh approach to talk to anyone.

3) Industry Strategy

Some business units are still working in the past. I mean they are using plans that have either changed or transformed. If you look at what the current pandemic has done in ways of disrupting the market, I’m sure you’ll agree. Yet, it has also created new markets, where virtual teams thrive. 

This is where a management consultant could help in building plans. That in turn will clearly help you build a repeatable procedure. Isn’t that what you want?

When you are ready to weave in a management consultant while freeing up your people focusing on what you do best, then you are ready for the next step. 

As you move forward in hiring for management consulting services, you might find your business improving in ways that allow you to easily grow and there is nothing that could stop you––not even a pandemic!

Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––if you ever wanted to get ahead in starting your business, running your business or growing your business then invest in a management consultant in Houston, and set up your FREE Explosive Business Results phone call. CLICK HERE.

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