“4 Business Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Business (Online)” 

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“No mistakes. No learning” – Anonymous.

       If you want to be a thriving business, you are going to want to get as good as you can in offering your goods and services. Do it before you enroll clients. That means mastering everything you can about growing your business. That means developing a plan for helping clients. That means being able to bounce back when you fall. That also means making business mistakes

        Making business mistakes is a growing part of any effort. And while you can’t avoid all business mistakes, there are four that you should avoid as a growing business, because it could pummel your business. 

That could happen before the storm arrives. Take cover now.



1) Doing it All Yourself

       People that ‘do it all’ actually do little. If you are in marketing, in sales, in operations, in serving customers and a wife and mother (or husband and father) you are going to find that all of your efforts will suffer. Why? It’s because you are trying to do way too much. 

Just focus on a few important items. Separate the urgent ones. Do them well. 

You will grow your business.

2) Having a Poor Website

       Sadly, one of the other major issues that plague businesses is a terrible website. Many business owners want to make their own website. They somehow believe they will save money. Your sister-in-law or college-going lad could patch a website together. But what are you going to get? Poor response. More delay. And on top of that you are going to end with an amateur-looking site. 

       Your website is going to drive away your visitors.  That’s not what you want, is it? 

Make sure that you spend time and money making your website sparkle. It is your face you are going to show to the world. You want to look good, don’t you?

3) Not Focusing Much ON The Business

      Most people start their businesses and have no time to work on their internal procedures. They work spending all their time on tactical sales. Then they wonder why they can’t grow their business. That does not mean that sales isn’t important – it surely is – but you want to spend just the right time in sales to get you going and invest in building repeatable methods to grow your business. 

Hire the right team. Delegate. Build work manuals. Have a strategic plan. That will help you grow faster than just focusing on sales without a vision. 

Sales without vision is a car without an engine. You can only go so far.

4) Not Having Money to Start & Grow Your Business

       Finally, many business owners go into the business without any nest egg. You need that to build your business. That’s the fuel that ignites your business. You’ll want some money. You are going to want to invest it right back into your business because money makes money. 

You’re going to want to save a little to grow your business as well as money you save to have a lifestyle. After all, you can’t run your business forever, right? 

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