“Top 10 PMO Professionals on LinkedIn” 

Certified PMO Director™

Someone asked me if PMO meant “Prime Minister’s Office”. And I said, it means that too. 

We live in a world of acronyms. Each may have more than one expansion. In our story here, I’d say it means project management office or program management office. Both hold good.

It’s not easy to compile a list–especially one about professionals housed in a short acronym. Though the acronym is short, it’s a heavy hitter in the project management industry. 

PMOs strike the heart of innovation. PMOs focus on value. PMOs won’t work if they don’t deliver the right projects at the right time. And then align to the organization’s overall plan. 

People are central to the PMO. So let’s talk about 10 of them today. 

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Sridhar Parameswaran

1) Sridhar Parameswaran

Sridhar Parameswaran earned his Certified PMO Director™ from Business Unit Execution in November 2014. Parameswaran is Six Sigma certified and has a 25-year industry experience. 

Industries: Telecommunications, Software, Manufacturing, Quality control and Electric Power.

In the spirit of giving back, Sridhar Parameswaran also served 2 terms as the Director of Professional Development for the Tulsa PMI Chapter. Sridhar holds MS MBA and BE degrees.


Amit Tere

2) Amit Tere

Amit Tere is a PMO professional with 14 years of experience. 

Industries: T&D, Oil, Gas and Mining 

Project Phases: Site Testing, Commissioning, Design, Engineering, Project Management, Sales, Marketing and Proposals.

Regions: India, Mid-East and Pacific


Kevin Nielsen

3) Kevin Nielsen

Kevin Nielsen is a PMO professional with over 15 years experience 

Industries: Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Retail construction 

Specialties: Infrastructure and logistic programs, Material handling, Baggage handling and automated distribution, Strategic Planning, Business Operations, Project and Program Management

pmo-professional- helena-einarsson

Helena Einarsson

4) Helena Einarsson

Helena Einarsson is a PMO professional with experience in managing project, program and portfolios, organization development and improving business methods.

Head of PPS (Practical Project Steering model) at ABB Sweden.

Specialties: Project/Program Management, Project Office Management, Project Assessments, Project Method, PPS method, Project Organization, Project Training


Peter Moestrup

5) Peter Moestrup

Peter Moestrup, through his experience analyzes complex problems and provides strategic and tactical solutions in operations.

Specialties: Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, Financial analysis, Leadership.


Sara Mills Parry

6) Sara Mills Parry

Sara Mills Parry works as the Director of PMO at Cox Enterprises. She was the director of Technology at Cox Communications. 

Specialties: PMO, Technology, Solution Delivery, IT Business Operations, Governance, Quality Assurance, Change Management, Re-engineering, Strategy


Amit Dhawan

7) Amit Dhawan

Amit Dhawan has experience driving complex projects, leading a global team of senior Program Managers and technical leaders in a matrix organization. 

Specialties: Launching Design Center, PMO for Business Unit revenue growth, Stakeholder Management, Customer Management 


Shawn Futterer

8) Shawn Futterer

Shawn Futterer is an experienced PMO Leader in the telecommunications industry. 

Specialties: Professional Services, Management, Project Management, Program Management, Project Portfolio Management, Business Development, and Wireless Technologies 


Allen Touchet

9) Allen Touchet

Allen Touchet implements, re-engineers and manages PMO. 

Industries: Construction, Oil and gas, Defense, Aviation and e-Commerce 


Yemisi Olukoya

10) Yemisi Olukoya

Yemisi Olukoya is a PMO professional in delivery of complex digital programs. She is the PMO Lead at AstraZeneca Global.

Specialties: BPM, Software development, Digital transformation, Governance, Stakeholder management, Engagement, Resource management, Planning, Reporting and Risk management

Methods: PRINCE 2 and Agile. 

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