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      “If you have a few minutes, I’d like to tell you how to make your business plan sizzle for every investor, every bank and every partner. It will apply even if you’re looking for an sba loan

       Six reasons affect every item you want to have in your plan. It does not change if you offer goods or services. They are: market, uniqueness, demand, price, value and growth.

       As you may already know, it always helps to work with a small business online coach. You could get a jumpstart on your small business. This is your chance to collaborate with someone and grow simultaneously.

       Are you ready to look at the 6 reasons now? Let’s check.


1) Market Positioning

     Think of where your services fit in the market. Are they high-end? Are they competitive? Or, are they low price? This is one way to slice market positioning. 

     Look at how you compare to your competitors. Do you focus on cost, quality, innovation or service? Then look at the playing field. If you are into product positioning, you may already know that you will disrupt the market sooner or later if you focus on innovation.

2) Unique Selling Proposition

     You may know that your competitors could offer services just like yours. If some of them didn’t succeed, find out how you will do it differently. Find the edge in your services. 

     Your unique selling point is all about the difference. It finds your market niche. It’s more than just a better service. It shows how your services fit some customers. 

     Have you made that clear in your message to your ideal customer? There are many unique selling proposition examples that mark what small businesses offer. Check them out.

3) Expected Demand

     This part is the most difficult, if you ask me. You have to study your leads and then estimate who is likely to buy from you. Then you have to estimate how often they will buy from you.

     If you’re selling goods, it could be easier than selling services. Customers want to see the value when they get ready to buy from you. I don’t blame them. I do the same when I want to buy. Don’t you?

     What do they feel about market certainty? Such questions affect buying patterns. Finance and cash flow is always important. It is all about small business administration.

     These reasons also affect your 6-month or yearly estimates to have a fit small business.

4) Pricing Strategy

     Every small business has pricing strategies. Sometimes it is price skimming, where you set a high start price and then lower it over time. Other times small businesses use penetration pricing, where you offer a low entry price for a new service to steal customers from competitors. If you use cost based pricing or value pricing, show the reasons you chose that strategy. Investors and bankers look for them.

5) Value to Customer

     If you are in services, offering value in exchange for fees tops the list. If you offer goods, customers want to pay what the market will bear. 

     Services or goods fall into 3 broad groups--need, luxury or somewhere between the two.

     Research the market. Evaluate the demand for your services or goods. Then check the extent of value you offer to your customers. Make certain the value is 5X what you charge for it. Some may want it to be 10X. It’s your call. It depends on the distance you want to keep from your competitors. Importantly, set up your message so it (clearly) shows off the value.

     Once you have long-term customers, calculate your customer lifetime value (CLV). That will show you your growth potential. We will look at this next.

6) Growth Potential

     Some services produce offshoots. Check the growth you see in the services you offer your best customers.

      Look at where the percentage of highest growth lies. Invest in those services that have the highest potential to grow revenues. That’ll give you the focus you need.

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