“ How To Prospect in Business in The Midst of a World Pandemic ”

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Can any business survive without sales? You may already know the answer to that question. To have sales, you have to prospect in business.

That is why you need prospecting. But what is it?

It is the bus that transports customers to your door. Since any bus needs upkeep, you will need to refine your prospecting methods. And uphold them.


A restaurant on a freeway attracts hungry customers.

Prospecting in business is identical. You are serving customers who are at least half way interested in your menu. Otherwise, you will drive them away. And they will never return.

In the digital world, we call it the bounce rate. It is the exit rate – the rate at which people leave your site.

One could call a warm lead a prospect in business. It is someone who is at least half way interested in your offer. You could also do the opposite way, where a prospect is a warm lead.

However a cold lead is one who has no idea about your service or offer. Yet, you could’ve marked them as having some interest. That’s what compels you to reach out to them.

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, digital marketing has taken on new meaning. It is the only surviving method to prospect in business. You could say that at least for the professional services industry.

Even in this milieu, there are 3 main ways you could prospect.

1) Inbound Marketing

In this method, you draw customers to you. You don’t go out to customers. One may achieve that by building strong content that matches the potential buyer. 

Carve out your buyer profile. That means identifying buyers. 

Use surveys. Capture the words buyers use to describe their buying decision. Then use the same words in building content for other similar buyers. Vicariously place them on the same journey. It will give you the best road to improving your site content.

2) Outbound Marketing

Here you are reaching out to potential buyers through email. 

Cold emails are effective when you offer value. 

For example, you could give away a report or eBook you’ve written that helps prospects during this COVID-19 phase. It could be a way for others to could get financial relief. This step offers your customers more value in growing their business. In exchange you will build rapport with them.

3) Networking and Referrals

Referrals are the best way to get new clients. Drop the referrer’s name in your chat. Research shows that it is 10X simpler to get clients through referrals because of your previous client. You no longer have to warm them up to you. It’s done for you.

Finally, use networking. Even if it means using virtual conferences, it works. Such methods will broadcast your services. 

Eventually, your prospecting in business will produce momentum. Sooner than later you will find more prospects through certain networks than others.

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