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The Internet offers many choices. As a profitability coach for Houston technology business, I’ve seen many of them flourish. Others who couldn’t adapt vanished. It’s the new normal. Let’s accept it.

And the number of companies without a website could stoke you. Did you know they chose social media, instead? You may wonder. I did too. GoDaddy survey shows 60% of small businesses lack websites. But 12% of them have Facebook pages. You know that’s different.


A social site is good for broadcasting messages. For example, you may want to announce a new service. A website on the other hand could educate your core audience. They could learn about your firm. That could lead to more customers for you.

Does that surprise you? Do you see how one could be missing the chance to attract customers? That’s why I offer website services. It fills the gap in the market.

According to Clutch, 92% of small businesses plan to have a website in 2018. Also, 31% of businesses said they use just a social profile. 

Such news promises to delight any website design firm in Houston. They could sell their services and increase income. Besides, it brings marketing opportunities to the table. And all the work that goes with it.

Can you imagine how many ways one could help these businesses? And I can tell you more.

Check out top 10 Houston small businesses on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is among the largest platforms for professionals. Take a look at the list of these companies listed on LinkedIn. It will give you the best chance to reach out to your ideal customers. Maybe you’ll dream of expanding your own business and get on this list.

1) EPAM Systems

EPAM ranks high among Houston technology businesses. Strong focus on digital platforms helps them create solutions. Recently, EPAM joined Oneview Healthcare to fill the need for digital patient tools. The company is active in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Check out their website.

2) NRG Energy

NRG tops the Fortune 500 list. Using many ways to supply electric power, they create a self-correcting grid. That makes it a smart grid. In turn, that makes electric supply reliable. Customers now expect results from their electric companies. And NRG is there to take care of them.

3) Diversified Transportation Services

DTS is a freight company. Adept at supply chain, this company relies on technology to offer logistics. And their mission is to work well with their customers. Since 1990, DTS has grown rapidly.

4) Bank of America Merchant Services

This firm handles bulk payments and e-commerce. They distinguish their service by a simple, easy experience to pay. Currently, they have done over 15 billion transactions in the U.S.  

5) Iland Cloud

With 20 years in Information Technology, Iland has served various companies. They work across America, Europe, and Australia. They provide cloud-based services. And urge startups to use surveying technology. 

6) Andon Specialties Inc.

Industrial automation has turned global now. Let’s study this company for its foresight. It invested in alternate energy back in 1985. That made them different. They provide creative solutions. And serve energy, oil & gas, semiconductor, and other alternate fuel markets.

7) Revenew International

Recovering and controlling costs is critical. This firm helps businesses recover their money. Customers get low costs and rebates for working with them.

8) Transformation Enzyme Corporation

We have talked much about technology firms till now. Maybe I did because I am a Houston profitability coach. This business in Houston helped people benefit from enzyme therapy. It’s different from the ones we talked about earlier.

Because of their history in clinics, they believe that they understand people’s challenges. They hold the view that all of us deserve good health. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

9) Vertiv Co

Vertiv designs, installs data centers and communication networks. Vertiv supports growing businesses with creative services

10) Titan LED

As a business coach in Houston, I find it exciting to study such firms. They offer lighting goods for business offices, warehouses, and garages. Their devices fit growing businesses. They continue to provide value in their service.

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