“ 4 Reasons to Use Storytelling in Business ” 

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Storytelling works. That’s the verdict. Research suggests that compelling stories sell. They could not only alter how customers feel but also attach more value to your offers.

Storytelling in Business is not the same as personal stories. They have a definite purpose. They move customers to action. However, you may already know that for this to happen, your story must be compelling and authentic, where you connect with customers at their deepest level of desire. It could be to solve an existing issue. It could be to erase waste. It could be to even transform their business. Every business challenge has its own set of desires. For storytelling in business to work, you have to strike where it really connects. That’s when it works well.


Let’s get down to the 4 reasons that inspire people to act. In our case, we want our customers to buy our goods and services, don’t we? Then let’s follow along. Maybe, you’ll dream of new ways to expand your business.

1) Make The USP More Effective

By now, you might be asking what is a USP? A USP or unique selling point is a compelling reason for customers to buy from you and not your competitors, not because you are superior but because you are different. Then how do stories help? Here’s how they do.

Stories could paint a vivid picture. They could help your future customers visualize themselves working with you. They could tell them why you are different through the story. They could even place the customer as the protagonist in the story. And help them notice how they benefit from the rich experience they get from your services. That will inspire them to act. Isn’t that what you want?

2) Strengthen Customer Relationships

When you tell a story, customers carry it with them. Through their journey, they now spread it to their followers. This could lead to more awareness. That could eventually turn to more sales. And it could even create fierce loyalty. Why? Because the story plays over and over again–like a replay on a recorder. Now, that’s some reason to stoke your curiosity.

3) Generate Leads

When you unfold your success story, where previous clients climbed up to their highest potential, you open the door to new prospects. You welcome them. Your website could have signup forms following the story. That could be helping the prospect easily go through their journey. It’s really as simple as that.

4) Transformational Change

Making changes in any business is hard enough. Making changes and getting others to accept those changes is even harder. Your employees could resist. Your suppliers could cringe. However, through stories, you could explain why you need to change. And go on further to explain what the change will bring. And how you will implement that change.

Although you might find more reasons why stories attract customers and more sales, they will eventually find a comfortable place in any business.

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