“Want a Successful Business Plan? Stop Making This Mistake” 

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      "What would you do if you knew one change that could make your Business Plan shine?"

      You may already know what happens when you’ve got it working for you. 

      Let me tell you anyway. It could catapult your ability a step more.

      Imagine these results. Your bank approves your business loan. Your investors are now willing to invest in your business. And your future partners are willing to join your firm. That’s what you can expect if you get it right.

It’s the part above the fold. It’s your Executive Summary.

      It is your story of your business. It is your account. You can have a captivating start, a body and an end that rides the wave of positive experience. Remember, you don’t have to stretch it. 

      Yet it can be a story that ends in a flourish. Just be realistic. You could work with a small business online coach to make it easy for you.


      Here are the main parts of an Executive Summary example.

1) Company Description

      This is the bigger story from your tag line. Include the service that you offer. Identify your typical customers. Show how your service fills your customers’ needs. It let’s readers know why your service is important to your customers and how you offer value. That’s how it transforms into a need.

2) Legal

      Most small businesses are sole ownerships. It’s easy to set up. You could have a sole owner Limited Liability Company (LLC). You could also have a partnership LLC. If it’s a partnership, you’ll have to describe the roles of each partner. If it’s not a partnership, you are the company and the company is you. That means that people know they are working with the top person in the firm.

      An LLC reduces the risk of liability. An S Corporation is flexible for taxes. It allows profits to flow directly to the owner. You have different tax rules. A C corporation is for larger companies. Lenders prefer C and S corporations because they live beyond the owner or top officer of the company.

3) Milestones

      Show your road map from where you started to where you are now. Be clear about who you were when you started. Then show how you adapted to the market. That will highlight your personal achievement.

      After all, everything is about people, isn’t it? Money is real important to investors. Remember to include milestones related to cash flow, revenues and profits. They will thank you for it.

4) Goals, Mission and Vision

      Goals are results that you forecast you’ll achieve in the short-term, midterm and long-term. Short-term goals are ones you’d reach in 2 years. Midterm goals are ones from 2-5 years. Long-term goals show where you will reach in more than 5 years.

      The mission of your firm could be your tag line. For example, our firm has the mission to help people grow and businesses prosper.

      Your business vision answers the question “why”. It helps distill the future for your business beyond 5 years. It gives a purpose to all who connect with your business. It inspires people to reach the highest peak through a unique set of qualities they develop by working in your business. Your vision is your shining star on the hill.

      I’m sure you know by now that an executive summary example is your quick step to business plan success.

      If you need help writing a business plan, work with a small business advisor. Or, find a small business online coach. That's even better. You'll recover what you paid quicker than you think.

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