“Top 10 Brands to Follow on Google Plus” 

Top Google Plus Brands

Google+ offers great benefits. Hangouts promote social talk. Starting in 2011, the platform has steadily grown to the top. And now it has more than 700 million users. Many big brands have widened their reach. 

This presents new choices to Houston small businesses. They have much to learn from the big brands that have gained from the platform. And showcase their own brand in the big arena.

However, with the help of a Houston business coach or business coaching expert, they will find their job easy. And soon begin playing with the big boys. That excites me. Does it stoke you?

Take a look and learn a few tips from their story. 


1) HP

This giant isn’t on Google+ for news updates. Instead, they engage with people. They allow followers to write on panels, while taking part in celebrity interviews. HP surely knows how to keep it lively. And that makes them stand out on Google+.  

2) Toyota

On Toyota’s Google+ page, followers share ideas on the next car model. This makes people engage their views. And the whole experience thrills them. Toyota’s page allows customers to team up and design a car. Now, that’s novel, isn’t it? Only a business coaching exercise could ignite such ideas. Toyota has proved once again they can do it all.

3) Cadbury

This company has turned out to be a master of colors on Google+. They showcase their variety of sweet goods. And serve followers, their delicious cakes and biscuits. I don’t know of anyone who could hate cakes. Just looking at the pictures will make your mouth melt. Check it out.

4) Virgin

Virgin group isn’t just on Google+.  They educate millions, motivating them with words–daily. They also engage followers with videos. People take part in debates. And they turn to Virgin for the quote of day. In this way Virgin inspires millions.

5) New York Times

NYT is a leader on Google+. Some say their success on the platform links to their job. Yet, they offer something for everyone–beyond news and columns. Followers watch videos in trend and novel articles. This is one way Houston small businesses can widen their reach using NYT technology. 


You’d expect the NASA page to be boring on Google+. That’s hardly the case though. Confined to exploring space and launching rockets, they manage to find time to share sensational images and videos for all. Astronauts and engineers chat with people. They discuss insights from space. Imagine what else one could do to grow an audience. 


The high-end fashion retailer is an expert with visuals. Instead using just hangouts, they make it fun for people.  Sharing tips, opinions on lifestyle, DIYs and facts daily widens their reach. When small businesses help people, they grow. Hugo Boss proves it.

8) Pepsi

Do you like gifts?  If your answer is yes, follow Pepsi. The company took a step to share happiness on Google+.  It’s a way for giveaways through competitions. Pepsi features celebrities in campaigns for perfect 

9) H&M

Another big fashion giant on Google+ is H&M. This company kept a different goal. They want a particular age group to love them.  On their page, youths get videos in trend and photographs to stay up-to-date. Followers can write on their page. H & M’s team gets back to those who write to them. Small businesses in Houston can learn to build a target audience using this method too.

10) Mashable

If you want to create content faster, learn from Mashable. They show how to engage your followers and make it relevant. It’s accessible any time, which is great. This is how Mashable grows its business.  

On the whole, small businesses can thrive in Houston looking at Google+. Start your rebranding makeover journey with a Houston business coach.  

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Written by Suresh Iyengar, P.E., President, Business Unit Execution LLC––“Explosive Business Coaching Houston Results For Small Business”. Want even faster results? Are you ready to discover how? Call 281.410.5375 and speak to your Profitability Coach Houston

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