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Certified Business Unit Manager™

             What does it mean when you say you are a Business Unit Manager (business unit manager)? Well, it means you have responsibility for a Business Unit. Then you might ask, “What is a business unit”. 

             A business unit is a profit center, which focuses on offering goods in a given market. Business units have a separate marketing plan, strategy, sales plan, project management office, R&D, quality, business culture, operations and a competitive landscape, even though they may be part of a larger business entity.

             Where do business unit managers come from? Many come from sales, marketing, finance or other leadership backgrounds. However, project managers are equally suited to hold this position in a company. 

             Since business unit managers could exist in different industries, it is quite difficult to pick just 10 from LinkedIn. However, we have to start somewhere. If you believe that you ought to be on this list, please write to us and we will certainly consider you for our next article.

             One of the keys in becoming a business unit manager is to be suitably trained. What that means is to have sufficient skills and competencies in any of the areas such as marketing, sales, finance or project management. This leaves a gap in the industry today. We don’t have many leaders who could claim to have done all of the above.

             That is why we have started a program: Certified Business Unit Manager™ to fill this gap in the industry. We would enthusiastically like to present Certified Business Unit Managers at the top of our list. And we’d encourage more and more of you to dream big and join this program. It is not an entitlement but a leadership initiative. 

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Sridhar Parameswaran

1) Sridhar Parameswaran

Sridhar Parameswaran earned his Certified Business Unit Manager from Business Unit Execution in December 2012. Sridhar brings about twenty-five years of experience in the industry. He has worked in telecommunications, software, manufacturing and others. He has also held a role as Director of Professional Development. 


Somesh Chablani

2) Somesh Chablani

Somesh Chablani earned his Certified Business Unit Manager from Business Unit Execution in May 2019. As a senior executive and a sales leader, Somesh has over twenty-five years of experience in the industry. He has been instrumental in customer service, sales leadership and business development. 


Quinn Tolbert

3) Quinn Tolbert

As a Business Unit Manager, Quinn Tolbert focuses on providing building owners with traditional and performance-based turnkey facility renovations, improvement projects and consulting services. These services lead to optimizing comfort, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the cost of energy, water and other natural resources. 


Adrian Martinez Martinez

4) Adrian Martinez Martinez

With more than 13 years experience, Adrian Martinez contributes to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry. He has worked in Sales, Project Management, Business Development, Corporate Strategy, Project and Process Engineering.


Steven Gregson

5) Steven Gregson

As a Business Unit Manager, Steven Gregson adds to the history of working in the Oil and Energy industry. His skills include Operations Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Demand Planning, E-commerce and Pricing Strategy.


Peteris Spels

6) Peteris Spels

Peteris Spels is a Business Unit Manager at Eurofins. In his role, he brings business development and sales experience combined with technical skills. As an entrepreneur, he builds and leads new initiatives in product development and other fields.


Charles Geisbert

7) Charles Geisbert

As a Business Unit Manager, Charles Geisbert is a P&L Leader for Eaton's satellite manufacturing organization producing panel boards, switchboards and enclosed circuit breakers. Charles has held other roles in Medium Voltage Control and Drives, Engineering Services and Team Leadership.


Russ Brune

8) Russ Brune

As a Business Unit Manager, Russ Brune adds experience in sales, marketing, business development, and strategic planning in technology-intensive environments. His specialties include VOC, customer segmentation, integrating acquired companies, due diligence, market research, Six Sigma, equipment finance and leasing 


Olin Brundy

9) Olin Brundy

With a leadership role as Business Unit General Manager, Olin Bundy ensures effective execution of all activities for the Controls, Power Inverter and Soft Start Business segments. He has full P&L responsibility.


Chris Brewster

10) Chris Brewster

As a Business Unit Manager, Chris Brewster drives results through his strong background in technical sales, sales management and business development. His current role ensures oversight for profit and loss, revenue, new business, new product development and productivity. 

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