“ 4 Reasons Customers Stall and How to Overcome Objections ” 

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Frankly, I’m discovering new ways to sell each day. And I rarely find that the journey in selling ends when you succeed a few times. Even amid this pandemic, you will find new rules. Some work. Some don’t. Yet, we keep going.

Today, more than ever, people have ample reasons to stop from buying your product or service. It’s called an objection. And you need objection handling methods. What it means is you have to find a way of overcoming objections. Your prospects have yet to find out the benefits of owning your product or service. And still be willing to pay the price for it.

When your prospects object, they are emotionally responding to what the sale means to them.


Here are 4 reasons people raise objections.

1) Your customer does not know you or about you

Let’s face it. When you find yourself talking to someone who is unknown to you, you are less open to talk. Leave alone accepting to buy their product or service. Isn’t it? That’s exactly how it works the other way. Why wouldn’t it? The bigger question is what you should do about it.

If you ask me, I explain what I specialize in and how that could help another business or prospect. After that explanation, I jump into a question such as “What exactly do you do?”. This offers an opportunity to learn more about your future client. Next, I usually highlight a positive result that I could bring for one of my clients related to this conversation.

2) Your customer does not see a big reward versus risk

Any buyer wants to feel that they have spent money on the right product or service. Sometimes the risk is real. Most times it is an emotional response to the act of buying. 

Asking better questions could exactly uncover the nature of the risk as seen by the buyer. One of the ways I lower the risk is to show that any of my clients can exit the agreement without any pressure. It does not bind them long term. Some businesses selling goods reduce the risk by offering a money-back guarantee.

When we talk about rewards, we would be better off making sure your future client sees it the same way as you. It is therefore more important to probe often to find out what they feel. It helps overcome objections.

3) Your customer does not adequately trust product or service performance

Let me ask you. How many times have you bought a product after asking questions where you wanted to feel 100% sure that it will perform as you think it will? Even when I take my car for a wash, I want to be sure that I get its worth. The higher the price, the more assurance we seek on product or service performance. That’s the way it works.

One has to probe better. Uncover the mask. Dig deep to discover why they resist buying. It could be because of an experience. Either way, you could reduce the risk. Offer a guarantee. Your customers could return the goods inside a given time period or get a payback for the service inside a definite time period. Both techniques work. That could help you get over the hurdle and be better at objection handling.

4) Your customer fears deciding

Every one of us has some time in our lives feared deciding. Every customer is no exception. This fear could be because of a previous bad experience. If that is the reason, it helps for you to uncover its foundation. Ask better questions. Probe more. Then show how your customers who never went through that thought cycle, where they could experience loss buying your goods or services.

Alternately, this fear could stem from buyer’s remorse. What that means is a feeling the buyer has somehow made a wrong decision. It is imaginary. Again, asking better questions could help unravel the reason. Then position your service in a way where that risk could never emerge.

These are the 4 big reasons customers object to your sale. Use the techniques and let me know how you did. I’m looking forward to your success in your business.

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