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How do I get started?

We have a short 30-minute phone call identifying your desired outcomes for your business. Once you signup, we have you take a Small Business Evaluation, which will be giving you a comprehensive report on your business. This report will let you decide where you'd like to focus first on improving your business results. We then schedule the dates to start coaching sessions. All sessions are held online through Skype™ or GoogleMeet™ so you could work from the convenience of your home or work without any travel.

What services do you offer?

  • Profitability Coaching 
  • Intuit QBO Bookkeeping
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing

All services are fixed fee.

Do you have different levels for your Profitability Coaching Program?

Yes. There are four levels for the Profitability Coaching program. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each level is chiefly defined by the number of sessions you'd like. The Bronze program has two sessions per month. The Silver has three sessions per month plus additional services. The Gold has four sessions per month plus additional services. And the Platinum program has 4 sessions per month plus team workshops and additional services, as needed by the business.

Will I have to spend time during the working hours of the business?

Not if you'd like to work on the business during the weekends. We realize that as business owners, you'd want to work on the business when you are not working in the business during the weekdays. That's why we offer weekend sessions for your convenience.

Will I have access to the profitability solutions?

Yes. You will have access to world-class, tools, templates and online storage. Also, these solutions will be customized for your business.

How long will it take to scale my business and see results?

That's a great question. It depends on the area you want to improve and how much you want to grow. Growth also means readiness to not only accept change but also accommodate a bigger team. Typically, our programs are outcome driven. Some run 12 months. Others could be longer. We take one thing at a time so it doesn't overwhelm you. Remember, you have to be ready to take action. We help you reach your goals for your business.

Do you help build a business plan for our business?

Yes, we do. We will give you a questionnaire for you to fill out and then we will work step-by-step to finish your business plan.

What steps do you take to work with each business owner?

We start with the Small Business Evaluation Report™, which is our proprietary method to evaluate your business. We will also do a finance exercise, where you will have the opportunity to estimate the percentage of growth you could practically expect based on the solutions you see when we present them to you. We use various coaching agendas, proven tools and templates. We will work on them together, week after week. You will get exercises that we will review together. We will set up a dashboard for your business. It depends on where you start. For example, if you use our Bookkeeping services or Website Design services, we'll have a quicker start.

What do you do in Website Design?

We get you up and running with a fixed fee 3-page or 5-page all-inclusive website. What that means is that it includes domain, hosting, basic SEO and annual support and maintenance. If you need to use more options, we will work with you to develop a plan for your small business service. Either way you'll get the highest value for your small business.

What do you do in Intuit QBO Bookkeeping?

We offer fixed fee monthly bookkeeping where we clean, reconcile and balance your books so that you can work with the CPA and get ready to file your business income taxes. This helps most business owners avoid uncertainties in their business financial condition.

Do you offer Industry Benchmarking?

Yes. This is an added expert advisory service, which we offer as a LivePlan™ certified expert advisor.  In this service, we go through all your financial business metrics, performance and compare with industry benchmarks during our coaching session. We offer step-by-step support in forecasting your cash flow in your business.

Why do you offer fixed fee services?

That's another great question. Fixed fee services eliminate uncertainty for business owners. Unlike others, we offer step-by-step profitability solutions. No abstract ideas. Precise and outcome driven.

How do I pay for the service?

We use an e-commerce platform to manage certain payments. Others will be sent directly from Intuit QBO. We will send you the details in the proposal. 

Business Coaching, QBO Bookkeeping, Digital Marketing

Before I joined the business coaching program with Business Unit Execution, I was stuck with no time. I knew I was growing my company. But I couldn’t keep it up because I was spread too thin. Suresh showed me how to implement a simple tool to get control of my work, which opened doors to progress. He also helped in crafting a job description for an Office Administrator so I could accelerate growth. We are now much better in handling our customers. We have the right strategic plan. I recommend Business Unit Execution. With the right small business help, you too can get more sales, more profits and more (sustained) growth.

Julio Lopez

QBO Bookkeeping

We started with Suresh and Business Unit Execution LLC just this month and we are pleased we switched over to QuickBooks Online – QBO Bookkeeping. Suresh is a great addition to simplify our health services.

Jaydeep Chaudhari

QBO Bookkeeping

We have been working with Suresh for about a month now to get rid of our old ERP system and go back to QBO Bookkeeping. He has been very helpful and is very knowledgeable about the QBO’s system. He always replies when there’s a problem or question in a timely manner. I would highly recommend him for your QuickBooks needs!

CC Jaynes

Business Coaching

I am currently working with Suresh to help me organize and grow my business, as well as my accounting, website and Google/ SEO. Suresh is extremely responsive and very knowledgeable. He pushes me to accomplish tasks and goals that I would otherwise have put on the back burner. Every business owner would benefit tremendously from his (business coaching) program!

Rachel Slobodzian

Business Coaching, Website Design, Digital Marketing

When I started working with Suresh, I was thinking about my previous experiences with business coaches. They were cheerleaders who gave me abstract ideas and vague road maps that left me confused. I did not need that; I am already motivated. I needed someone who was hand’s on, and who would do the work for me – not just give advice. While working with Suresh, I learned detailed procedures to approach my business growth. I wanted to discover more about how I would solve daily business issues and how I could do it quickly. When you work with any coach or mentor, you expect to get advice.  I continue to work with him to advance my business. I can assure any business owner to start working with Suresh right away. I’d say this investment in the Explosive Business Results program will quickly give you payback many times over. There’s no risk. I know now this program works for Mobile Math, LLC and it started working quickly!

Dr. Nancy L. G. Griesinger

Discover the secret of avoiding the
BIG 5 MISTAKES in business.

Download the FREE report.