Certified Business Unit Manager


This is an online certificate course in business unit leadership and management. You could finish it in just under 3 hours. Once you finish, you could list this credential in your resume as “Certified Business Unit Manager from Business Unit Execution LLC”


Best Certified Business Unit Manager Course:

This course and program consists of 6 chapters. It is great for identifying:

  • Steps to develop (right) leader qualities
  • Steps to manage work culture
  • Steps to match people to the right jobs
  • Steps to understanding the method to develop leaders
  • Steps to define the right strategy and get it done
  • Steps to understand finance ratios for corporate business units

The business unit manager program is remarkably easy to access. If you have ever used a learning management tool online, you’ll have NO PROBLEM finishing this course.

Here’s a quick rundown of how you use the business unit manager program.

  1. On clicking the “I want to become Certified Business Unit Manager™ today!” button and finishing purchase, we’ll email you course access details.
  2. You then enter the credentials, access the video, take the test and survey. The test does need you to take notes so you prepare. However, you can take it multiple times until you pass.
  3. Once you pass you’ll earn your own online certificate, which you can print instantly. Next add the credential to your resume.
  4. Then prepare the resume for the exact job description for the business unit manager before you apply.  If the job is in the same company, you may need to take a competency assessment. And then close gaps in your skills.

Why You Need it

The business unit manager program is packed with ideas to create a specific background for you so you can aim for the job as Business Unit Manager. This program is ideal for increasing business value and you’ll get:

  • 6 must-have skills to boost your career and improve salary potential
  • Over 50 practical tips and techniques
  • Special Bonus Section: Finance Ratios
  • And more!

What My Customers Say


“I highly recommend the Business Unit Manager course for anyone having a P&L responsibility or getting ready for a Business Unit Head role. Suresh Iyengar has vast experience in Business Strategy and explains each chapter very well. The quality and content of the course is top notch.”


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